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Pet Carrier Returns at Comfort Pet Carriers are 100% guaranteed, here’s how?

Luxury pet carriers received in contrast to our customer’s order can be frustrating as we are aware of these circumstances. First, we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and for bringing you to our “returns, refund or exchange process.”
We are happy to assist you with excellent customer service and here’s how? 
How Do I Return or Exchange my Item?
We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We work with several vendors and for this, we have different return processes. Please fill out our customer response form below.  
Please include the following: 
  • Date of Purchase
  • Item number (SKU #), if you unable to find a serial number. Please give us as much information on your purchase i.e. color, item name at purchase.
  • Your desire for this item. i.e. (Return, Refund, Exchange for Wrong Color,  manufacturer’s defect) etc…

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Products which display pet hair inside the carrier will not be eligible for a refund for sanitation reasons
You will receive an email with instructions within (24 – 48 hours) on how to return your item. Again, we do apologize for this unfortunate situation but we promise to make it right for you.

Please note: All returning items must be within 30 days for our no questions asked policy. Please email us at if you have a unique situation.
Our Customer Service Help Line: 1 (800) 572-4535 or Fax us at: 1 (866) 639-1959
Our address: 
Comfort Pet Carriers 
5405 E Village Rd # 8583
Long Beach, CA 90808-7025 USA
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