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How to Measure Your Pet | Most Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

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One of the most important things you should consider doing before you purchase a pet carrier or dog crate is to measure your pet. 
You’ll be glad to know we’re excited to help you with this question and getting the right pet carrier is important. Once you have decided on how you intend to travel with your beloved pet.
In order to properly measure your pet , gather a tape measure of some sort. To measure properly, measure from the back of your pet’s neck to the base of its tail.
The best starting point is normally where its collar sits and by adding 2” to 3” inches for turn around space within the carrier.  
To gather its height, you will need to begin from the ground up to toward its shoulder allowing for an additional 3” inches for stand up space within the carrier.
Please feel free to use the illustrations above. 
Note: To obtain your pets proper weight, we suggest you have your pet weighed at your vet’s office.
Shipping and Handling: Please note, we do not ship to a P.O. Box

What does “Airline Approved” actually mean?

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How the term “airline approved” actually came about and what it means is a pet carriers must provide adequate ventilation during the entirety of a flight. It should also remain leak-proof.You need to know which puppy crate for an in-cabin flight will work for you. Having the right airline approved pet carrier on wheels is perfect when needing to transport your beloved pet around the airport terminals on long totes.
Note: Each airline carrier has its own specifics as to what they will allow on board their flights. Please contact each individual airline you wish to accompany your pet.

My pet carry on is much larger than the airline specifies online. Will it be allowed on board?

Please check with the airline you intend to board directly. Many airlines will allow carriers much larger than the dimensions they specify if the TSA approved pet carrier on wheels is a soft-sided, collapsible or even foldable.
Special Note: All of airline approved pet carriers are ready for boarding and TSA approved. 

How to return my pet carrier?

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Please see our return policy
If all else fails, please email us at
Our Customer Service Help Line: 1 (800) 572-4535
Fax us at: 1 (866) 639-1959
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