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Comfort Pet Carriers CEO

We are very proud to introduce our Founder/CEO.

Jesse W. Williams Jr., at Comfort Pet Carriers; a parent company and affiliate to LIMSH Alliance Inc., Jesse is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma as he served in the United States Navy over 20 years on active duty.
Once he completed his Naval service, Jesse remained in the U.S. government and became an employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) for over 14 years. He has served the United States of America honorably as a Disabled Veteran.
Luxury dog carriers and soft cat carriers are profoundly necessary for your commutes. Now, our team is proud to serve you with the perfect most excellent carriers in pet care you deserve!
We offer our customers a variety of the latest trends in pet travel safety gear: Airline Pet Carriers, Cat CarriersDog Carriers, Soft Dog CratesDog Car Seat, Small Dog Carriers, Pet Crates, and Dog Purse Carrier on the market. Our friendly customer service is here to support you. 
We put our customers’ wishes first.
At Comfort Pet Carriers, we always keep a keen eye on the latest impulse and shift in fashion for pet purses and carrier crates for cats and dogs. We understand these blazing trends and our customers will have the first opportunity to be trendsetters.  
Customer surveys and constant feedback at Comfort Pet Carriers are important as we place our customers first in every facet of customer care. This is why we must satisfy each customer’s request in a timely manner. That’s our promise to you!
Pet safety and protection is our specialty, that’s why we’re in this business.
We are committed to offering you the quality of service. Comfort Pet Carriers understands the pet safety industry, the interests of our customers are always a top priority for us, we hope that you will enjoy our quality products as much as we enjoy making them available to you. Transporting a pet and keeping it safe is crucial.
We know how to connect with our customers by listening.  
Understanding how to connect with our customers and their desires is self-assuring for us here at Comfort Pet Carriers.com; we perceive the feeling as you do in having to leave a pet behind.                                         
We love pets and we know how you must feel to leave your pet behind.
We want you to know that here at Comfort Pet Carriers.com we understand how much you love your pet. Thank you for continuing to allow us to serve you and your beloved pet.
Travel safe!
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